Total Body Photography

Total body photography is a one-off service that provides a set of 15 large high-resolution photo prints (8x12”, A4-sized), and USB, that systematically covers the body.

They can be used by higher-risk patients for self-monitoring in between Skin Cancer Clinic visits, and are also brought along to your regular Skin Cancer Clinic appointments.

The majority of melanomas arise in clear normal skin rather than in pre-existing moles. Patients are advised to perform regular self-examination at home to pick up any new or changing moles in between their periodic Skin Cancer Clinic check-ups. Some patients, however, find self-examination to be difficult – perhaps because they have so many moles to keep track of and cannot be sure if any are actually new or changing. Total body photography provides a definitive way of assessing whether a change has occurred.

High-risk patients benefit from total body photography, including those with:

  • more than 100 moles
  • atypical moles
  • a personal or family history of melanoma
  • a history of multiple bad sunburn episodes in the past
  • or if a patient just has a particular concern about their moles.

Total body photography at the Skin Cancer Clinic uses a standardised protocol that was first developed in Australia. The photographic session will last around 20 minutes. You do not need to remove your underwear, but they should be of a brief style that does not obstruct too much skin surface, and preferably neutral in colour (skin-toned or grey).

For many people, a consultation at the Skin Cancer Clinic is all that is necessary. For some people though, total body photography provides an opportunity for the earlier detection of life-threatening melanoma. You will be advised at your Skin Cancer Clinic appointment whether total body photography is right for you.

Total Body Photography fee: $250

Side on view of subject.