Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service like a molemap?

Strictly speaking, 'MoleMap' is a company name and not a specific process. Unfortunately, the expression 'mole map' has come to mean different things to different people and is probably a term best avoided. To some people it refers to recording a digital dermoscopic image of a mole, to some it refers to total body photography, and to some it just means photographing a mole. So, yes, a full mole analysis and monitoring service is available at the Skin Cancer Clinic.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

No, a referral is not required. However, a number of patients do have a referral letter from their GP, and in this instance a report is sent back to your referring doctor. For self-referred patients, a copy of all pathology reports is given to you so that you may keep your GP updated.

What are the advantages in seeing the Skin Cancer Clinic rather than another clinic?

The Skin Cancer Clinic is able to provide all the services that a primary care skin cancer service should offer, and at a reasonable cost.

Specifically, we believe that you should see:

  • a doctor at your appointment and not just a technician
  • a doctor experienced in dermoscopy and skin cancer diagnosis
  • a doctor able to perform live dermoscopy at the time of consultation, not just review the images later without seeing the patient
  • a clinic able to store dermoscopic images
  • a clinic able to offer total body photography for appropriate patients
  • a clinic that checks for all types of skin cancer, not just moles and melanoma.

We are ethical, thorough, and treat you in such a way that believes you will return as a long-term patient at the Skin Cancer Clinic.

If I don't have any particular spots of concern can I still get myself checked?

Yes. Routine screening checks are commonly performed at the Skin Cancer Clinic. It is surprising how often a skin cancer is detected without the patient even being aware it was there. A skin cancer caught early could save your life.

Is it safe to be scanned during pregnancy?

Yes, completely safe. The process of dermoscopy involves shining normal light onto the surface of the skin. The MoleMax uses the same principle.

Should I get my children checked?

It is very uncommon for melanoma to occur in the years before puberty, so children aren't screened as a routine unless there is a particular spot of concern.

Is Dr Joblin affiliated with Southern Cross?

Yes, Dr Joblin is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society for selected services.

Why the .MD domain?

.MD is the medical domain, it is also the abbreviation for a doctor of medicine. It has become the domain of choice for an increasing number of medical and healthcare-related websites worldwide.

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