Digital Dermoscopy

A digital dermoscopic image of a mole can be stored, and this allows a mole to be monitored for change over time. The Skin Cancer Clinic uses the advanced SolarScan system to store dermoscopic images. The SolarScan system has the added advantage of being able to immediately analyse a mole to determine how likely it is to be a melanoma.

The system was developed in conjunction with the Sydney Melanoma Unit, which is the largest treatment centre for melanoma in the world.

The system takes high-resolution dermoscopic images using a three-chip video camera to allow accurate colour representation, and uses patented technology to fully calibrate each image so allowing precise comparison of sequential images.

After the dermoscopic image is stored it can then be analysed. The system looks at over one hundred discriminants, and then compares the results against a large database of both benign moles and malignant melanomas that has been developed by the Sydney Melanoma Unit. The system then gives an immediate likelihood of the lesion being a melanoma.

Published studies have shown the SolarScan system to have accuracy comparable to or better than a dermatologist.