How We Diagnose

Diagnosis encompasses:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Dermoscopy
  • Digital mole analysis and monitoring
  • Total body photography
  • Biopsy

Clinical Assessment

Clinical assessment with a large magnifying lamp is used to locate any spots of interest, including moles, melanoma, and non-melanoma skin cancers.


Dermoscopy eliminates the surface reflection from the skin so that subsurface features can be seen. These features would otherwise not be visible - regardless of magnification. More...

Digital Dermoscopy

Digital dermoscopic images of moles can be stored using the MoleMax system, and so can be monitored for future change. The system can also immediately analyse a mole to give the likelihood of it being melanoma. More...

Total Body Photography

Total body photography is an extra service for higher-risk patients whereby a set of images that cover the entire skin surface is made available to the patient to facilitate monitoring. More...